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TESTIMONIALS  Kansas City Plumber  Kansas City Plumbing


"Not only was I impressed with the quick response time but the workers are phenomenal. I never saw anyone standing around; they all worked and realized it was an emergency job and stayed until the emergency was completed.  The jobs they’ve done are pretty major jobs. They are clean and organized and when they left for the day they left a clean worksite with no hazards.  I trust Crosby Plumbing 100%!”

Brian, Quality Hill Apartments

"Yesterday I needed a plumber to check a concern. Mike Crosby owner of Crosby Plumbing in Bonner was here within 2 hours! He checked out my sprinkler system, Miss Velma's sprinkler system,made sure they were turned off correctly for winter, marked all the pipes and faucets in my basement, and answered MANY questions in his patient, good natured way. I have used Crosby Plumbing for a few years now, and the men that arrive are always knowledgeable, efficient and personable."

“Crosby plumbing is always customer centric and provides the solution that makes the most sense. They have always been great and you can trust that they will do the absolute best job and have customer satisfaction as their main goal. Besides the great work they do, most importantly, they are great people!”  

Greg Forshey, Outpatient Pharmacy Electronic Claims Coordinator

“They get to places quick and they get stuff done. They come right out and resolve problems and they handle the jobs that I can’t get done.”

Kelly, Tall Oaks

“I use Crosby Plumbing at my own home and on other jobs. I recommend them to everyone! They have same-day service, up front pricing and they do what they say they will do when they say they will do it. They are informative and I’ve never had any problems.”

Mike Frentrop

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