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Septic System Installation


Are you considering a septic system installation? No matter if its a new construction septic or a replacement system system, Crosby Plumbing provides all the information and services you need to insure a propery installed and long lasting septic system. From obtaining permits to connecting the system, our experienced team will guide you through every step of the process.

Choose a Local Kansas City Septic Installation Company

When it comes to septic system installation, always try to find a local company that you can trust - such as Crosby Plumbing in Kansas City. Local companies may have better connections with the local authorities, as well as greater knowledge of soil types, climate and other factors that are important when installing a septic system. In addition, they are best placed to offer advice on the pros and cons of different septic system designs.

We Design the Right Type of Septic System for Your Property. 

Proper layout and design of your septic system are essential for its long-term success. At Crosby Plumbing we will assess the soil conditions, size of the septic tank, type of wastewater produced by your home, and other factors to produce a tailored plan to meet your needs. We can make sure that you have an efficient septic system that’s well-suited to your property.


Septic System Site Prep and Excavation

At Crosby Plumbing, we care about your yard and will take steps to protect it! Once the layout and design of your septic system is determined, we can begin preparing the site for installation. We will clear debris and stones from the area and mark out where you want the tanks to go. The exact tank placement is based on the system design as well as underground utilities, water pipes, or other obstacles that may be in the way.

Septic System Installation 

After the excavation of the site is complete, we will install the necessary components for your septic system such as a tank, distribution box and drain field lines. We will then connect these components together to form a functioning septic system. Finally, we'll backfill the area with soil and compact it down to ensure it meets septic system installation specifications. Once done, Crosby Plumbing can provide you with ongoing maintenance services to help keep your septic system running smoothly.

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